It was on a night in the middle of August of 2006, on a beach in Portugal, where a Dutch boy and a Portuguese girl met each other. Very soon they discovered they had the same interests.
Tânia, born in Portugal in 1987 started singing since she was able to say her first words and later on she started practicing the piano. Job, born in Holland in 1980 started to play the cello when he was young and later on he discovered the guitar.

After getting to know each other, by making an attempt to play “Fever” from Peggy Lee, that led to their song “What will you do”, they decided to start a duo, “Cosie Cherie”, making their sounds with vocals, guitar and other instruments as piano and banjo.

Cosie Cherie is on an endless search for balance, rhythm and rimes swinging in harmony on mysterious frequencies, into delirious cherry trees that grow out of curious and oblivious irrationality… But most of all, for true, warm and happy sounds. Cosie Cherie’s self-written and composed songs could be categorized in the genres country and acoustic folk. After their first EP – Making Magic Floating Boats – released in November 2010, the debut album – Book of Music is already out and it counts with 10 new songs plus the 5 songs of the EP and 15 illustrations made by different fine artists. Cosie Cherie will be all around Portugal opening their Book of Music to us.


Photography by Fanny Vieira